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Our business proposals made for you to measure:

to sell a dwelling house that does not risk devaluation
for your safe investment (profitability and increase value of certain guaranteed)
to give you a house to decorate with possibility of an option to purchase (with money target) within the contractual period of lease (18 months) and curtailment of royalties from the sale price and any repurchase pact with insurance value increase
to give you our furnished houses for short-medium and long periods for your holiday
to renovate your home with the formula of the general contractor

our experience and business organization, with the help also professionals outside of trust, ensuring its customers a professional service and complete; business consultancy, technical urban construction, designer furnishings for interior and exterior, administrative and fiscal



DI GIANNI SPA via Della Costituente, 8 - 56024 - Ponte a Egola - San Miniato (PI)  -  tel. 0571-498914   fax. 0571-469164
Rea Pisa 78454  -  P.Iva 00487560500  -  c/s 1 300 000 i.v.

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